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Can Steroids Change A Cat's Personality

His behaviour didnt change though – might be the disease that changes the cat. Exactly how it changes the.

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Many common conditions can induce irritability or pain that can change a cats personality.

Can steroids change a cat's personality. Ill give a answer from my personal experience which isnt scientific but Ive spent many years in the bodybuilding community and spend a big chunk of my life in the gym and around people who take steroids. Cats who are lethargic or have a change in behaviour may be unable or unwilling to play and may no longer seem like the cat you knew. Im sorry to say but I have done extensive research on this topic and the personality disorders brought on by the drug have a very small chance of reversal.

Bring in blankets and clothes that smell like the first cat into the second cats room and vice versa. Other cats experience personality changes and. Please call your doctor at once to describe your symptoms.

In most cases behavior can be changed while personality can only be managed. Some cats experience an increase in appetite and thirst weight gain and sodium and fluid retention. Cats may have immediate and long-term negative reactions to corticosteroid treatment so talk to your vet about the medications benefits and risks for your cat.

But this doesnt mean theres no risk. However as the abuse of steroids spreads among the young other risk factors such as abuse of alcohol and other drugs as well as psychological susceptibility may contribute to the risk of personality changes or of violent behaviour as a result of anabolic steroid abuse. Cats are more resistant than dogs or people to the long-term use of steroids.

Increased thirst and urination. The drug changed both of their personalities temporarily – both cats became very stand-offish and distant. These side effects depend both on the type of steroid prescribed and on the dosage administered and include.

Just as they can with human use the side effects of steroid treatment among cats vary from mild to severe. It seems to take away their empathy memoriescreate an empty hollow dream like foggy state of detachment. Viewed 33k times 19 0.

Typically the therapy with steroids should be administered for a short term as steroids are hormones that can cause complications in felines. Unfortunately these drugs can have a strong impact on your mental health including personality changes depression and irritability. But by being alert to your cats personality traits you can help him live with less stress and increased contentment which is good news for everyone involved both 2- and 4-legged.

Dominant cats may hog household resources such as food toys and even the litter box. If youre struggling with a dominant cat bogarting all the goods make sure each cat has their own food and water bowls as well as multiple litter trays. Panda has Lymphoma and the cancer spread to kidneys and chest.

Because Ozzy is not doing well on Depo-Medrol consider talking to your vet about switching to. Answer 1 of 3. It is largely influenced by genetics and socialization nature and nurture.

In the case of feline asthma systemic steroids may be used by a vet during an asthma attack. As strange as it sounds scientists think that it could. Can Cats Be On Oral Or Injected Steroid Medications Long-Term.

How does a cats personality change by having kittens. Although cats are thought to experience few if any side effects from corticosteroids behavioral changes can result from how the drugs make your cat feel physically causing him to. Steroids can make your cat feel much better when hes suffering from pain and irritation caused by inflammation but these powerful drugs are a double-edged sword.

Short-term side effects are those that we expect a cat to experience when initially placed on corticosteroids. A cat may stop eating for a variety of reasons. Can a parasite carried by cats change your personality.

Active 2 years ago. Most cats experience a psychological side effect and think theyre hungry and thirsty hence the ravenous appetite and increased drinking. He had been very bonded with us but while on the steroid course he preferred to avoid us.

Cats with Dominant personalities can make a multi-cat household frustrating and stressful. Giving the pills turned out to be a nightmare so now he gets a longterm injection that contains P but is usually used for sin diseases and some tumours. We have had two cats who both needed steroids for different reasons.

Changes in appetite A lost appetite can be a very clear sign that something is wrong. Steroids can cause men to become quick to anger or lose their temper. In my experience many cats who dont do well on one of these steroids will do better on the other.

Obviously theres likely to be a lot of hissing at first. Rapid weight loss can be devastating to a cat who only weighs eight pounds to begin with. Not only that but the health of a cat who isnt receiving proper nutrition will spiral out of control even faster.

Nonetheless with his or her own space your cats anxiety should get a lot better. Im pretty sure that having kittens and nursing them etc changes a female cat both physically and mentally. It all started 3 months ago with jaundice on his 12th birthday.

Behaviors can be both positive and negative. Behavior is a result of your pets personality in relation to his environment. Thu 25 Sep 2003 0721 EDT.

Every cat is a blend of different personalities just as people are. In one case we thought the cat was going to leave home. Ask Question Asked 7 years 10 months ago.

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Once the anxiety looks like its subsided a considerable amount proceed to the next step. Steroid treatment for cats may be needed for various conditions including allergies arthritis or immune diseasesSteroids are frequently used in cats as they have fewer side effects than in humans or dogs. He is a lot less stressed since he doesnt have to go through the pill-drama.

Spider that can cause personality changes does not exist or has not been found yet. Personality is the overall emotional makeup of your pet.

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